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What do clients say about Neil Rackham?

"An outstanding presentation. Full of substance. He made us think, gave us lots of take home value and did it an entertaining and involving way." - Becky Maybry, Viasys

"Our top people are an impatient and demanding group. At the end of a long day they were not an easy audience. Neil took a very complex subject and held our folks on the edge of their seats with his insights, world class expertise and engaging manner. They were unwilling to let him go." - Beth Koltz, Hewlett-Packard

"As always he was a major hit. He's a living legend in the sales field because of his research and his deep understanding of selling. He wrote the book, so our participants came expecting to hear a well known expert . But they left with much more. He made his topic sparkle. He never talked down to the audience, or dodged complex issues. He brought clarity to complexity and his participative and informal style changed the way people felt. An "A plus" for take-home value." - Verne Harnish, Gazelles, Inc

“Neil did a terrific job of aligning the ‘Art and the Science’ of both the selling organization but more importantly allowing us to question the concept of true partnerships and some of the discipline required both personally and organizationally to achieve them. In addition to the insight gained by the selling organization, Neil helped us look at our entire strategic approach to the market.” - Jeff Connor, ARAMARK